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Mark O’Donohue

Subjects: Mathematics, Graphics, Primary School Subjects, Information Technology and Multimedia 

My name is Mark and I am currently studying Secondary Education at Griffith University majoring in Mathematics and Graphics. I have previously earned Bachelors of Information Technology (IT) and Multimedia from Griffith.

My biggest passion in life is chess, which I have not just been playing, but studying, for the last five years. Through having chess as a somewhat full time, extracurricular activity, I have learned the importance of balancing a study load. I believe my best characteristic is my ability to make learning relevant. I have constantly identified how life is like chess and I believe this ability to transform otherwise mundane concepts into relevant stimulus is a very important one.

I have previously worked with children teaching them, yes you guessed it, chess! It is a very difficult job, and one I do not take lightly. I will transfer as much knowledge I have as possible to your child, and not just subject matter.  As a tutor I believe it is fundamentally imperative that good study habits, methods and routines be taught to children, rather than just being a secondary teacher and overloading them with content.

Lavina Ng

Subjects : All Primary School Subjects, High school Math and Science, Year 11 and 12 Chemistry, Year 11 Physics, English as a Second Language, Math A, First year University level Essentials of Chemistry and Physics, Biochemistry, Chemistry of Biological Systems (Organic Chemistry), Anatomy and Physiology I and II, Pharmacology, Cells, Tissues and its Regulations

My name is Lavina and I study Dentistry at Griffith University. I graduated in 2013 with an ATAR of 99.25 and a Certificate of Distinction in Human Biological Science. My aim is to maximize my students’ potential through various teaching techniques as everyone learns in their own unique way. I always encourage my students to set goals and to reach them with pride working on their weaknesses and strengths. Having tutored for a while, I try my best to keep lessons interesting and fun. I give my students the tools to become independent learners and to manage their time effectively. For me, at the end of the day, tutoring isn’t just about academic learning but also about building self confidence in my students. 

Chris Woolway

Subjects: Primary maths, K-10 Math & Science, Year 11 & 12 Maths C, Physics

My name is Chris and I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Secondary Education at Griffith University, majoring in Mathematics and Physics. After graduating from high school, I began to study a Bachelor of Engineering. Whilst studying engineering, providing maths tutoring for family friends was a part-time hobby of mine. It quickly became evident that I had a natural ability to teach and both the students and parents were satisfied with the results. I was enjoying tutoring a lot and slowly started to lose my passion for engineering, so I decided to change degrees into Secondary Education. Changing degrees turned out to be the best decision for me because I'm now enjoying teaching a lot. I believe that it's important to follow your passion in life. My goal as a tutor is to help students achieve their full potential so that they too have the opportunity to follow their passion later in life. When helping students achieve their full potential, it's important to not only teach the content, but also teach students skills such how to study effectively, time management, creating study plans and research skills. In order to succeed at anything in life, you must first have a well structured plan and then be able to put that plan into action effectively.

Vincent Lam

Subjects: K-10 all subjects, Y11/12: Mathematics A & B, Biology

Hi I'm Vinny - I'm currently studying my Doctor of Medicine at Bond University.

I graduated from Melbourne High School in 2015 with my strongest subjects being Biology & Mathematics. 
In Melbourne, I took on a number of Year 12 Mathematical Methods (Equivalent to Maths B) students, and provided them with not only a comprehensive tutoring service, but also tips & tricks that helped them tackle challenging problems effectively. I have worked with children of all ages, having worked not only as a piano tutor, but also as a black belt karate instructor. I am a friendly and patient person who genuinely wishes to help my students learn and grow - so that they can perform to the best of their ability. Ultimately, my goal as YOUR tutor would be to ensure that your child not only can learn the content well, but be able to have FUN learning the content as education is truly a rewarding thing!I look forward to working with you!

Shelly Meedin

Subjects: Primary, 7-10: Maths English, Sciences, 11-12: Physics, Biology, Chem, Maths, University: general Biology, Chemistry & Anatomy

My name is Shelly and I'm currently a dental student studying at an Australian University. I have obtained a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences from a Canadian university. I have also been on the Dean's Honour Roll and a member of the Golden Key International Honours Society. To add to my academic experience, I have also worked as a lab assistant for the Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at Simon Fraser University, in British Columbia, Canada. I'm passionate about teaching sciences and would love to share my knowledge and teach components in   manageable amounts so students are fully able to understand it and apply it to real-world situations. I can teach all subjects but my personal favourite subjects are English, tertiary level General Chemistry, Biology, and Microbiology. My schedule is quite flexible and I'll be happy to meet close to the Griffith University (Gold Coast Campus)

Jessica Nolan

Subjects: Primary (all subjects), 7-10: English, History, Science & Maths, 11-12: English & History

Hi, my name is Jess and I am a second year architecture student at Griffith University. I graduated Year 12 in 2014, with an OP 5. I love English, History and Art, and graduated at the top of my class in these subjects! That being said, I have had tutoring in the past – Year 12 Maths wasn’t really my thing! I’ve also participated as a guest lecturer for Year 11 and 12 History students, and helped out some primary kids with their maths, reading and science! I am excited to use these experiences to help others learn and overcome their own learning difficulties. Furthermore, I pride myself on my research, academic writing, referencing and exam skills, which I’d love to share with other students. Living in Australia, we are privileged to have access to an established education system, and it is very important to me that we make the most of the opportunities it provides! Knowledge is power! 

Sage Cullen

Subjects: K-12 English/Advanced English, Math A & B, Ancient and Modern History.

Hi my name is Sage Cullen, I graduated from Hillcrest Christian College in 2015 with an OP 4. In secondary school, I was House Captain and received awards for academic excellence in English, History, Math and Film and TV.

I am currently in my second year of studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science at the University of Queensland. I have always had a desire for helping others which led me to my chosen field.

I understand what it takes to work hard to achieve academic success. I feel confident that I can teach students strategies for studying and organisation and am able to provide helpful advice in all aspects of student education.

I am reliable, organised and supportive and will be very happy to help fellow students to achieve their goals.

Jess Berryman

SubjectsPrimary (all subjects), 7-10: Maths, Geography and Sciences

Hi- I'm Jess! I have an undergraduate degree in Environmental Planning, a Masters of Marine Science and I am currently studying a Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary Teaching).

I have spent several years working in the conservation sector, undertaking community outreach and facilitating education programs. Through my experience working with students, I have acquired a variety of skills for successful education. My aim is to introduce new, and work with existing talents, interests and characters of student’s in order to support students to reach their potential.  Ultimately, my role as a teacher and tutor is to guide and support my students to recognising their own potentials and abilities to succeed.

Sam Stocker

Subjects: Year 8 to 10 Technology, Year 7 to 10 Maths, Year 11 to 12 Maths B and Maths A, Design and Technology/Technology Studies and Graphics


I am 18 years old and I have just successfully finished the first year at Griffith University studying for a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design. I graduated from Townville Grammar School in 2016 with high achievements in Maths B and Chemistry and very high achievements in Graphics and Technology Studies.


As a university/high school student I have been extensively involved in sport (swimming) at state and national levels, which has allowed me to develop strong self-motivational skills with determination to succeed. At High School I was able to maintain a healthy balance between my academic and high-performance sporting activities. Performing well academically and in sport develops exceptional time management and planning skills. Whilst at High School I was annually acknowledged with the Pro Diligentia Award for ‘displaying commitment to achieving my personal best’. I won subject awards also for Graphics and Technology Studies.


Tutoring is a great responsibility and I look forward to taking an active role in working with students in one-on-one settings, with

my aim being for students to reach their full potential.

Harry Mohr

SubjectsPrimary Maths; Primary English; Year 7-10 Maths; Year 11-12 General Maths; Year 11-12 Advanced Maths; Year 11-12 Chemistry; Year 11-12 Biology

Harry Mohr has just completed his second year of a Bachelor of Pharmacology and Toxicology at Griffith University and plans to study medicine when finished his undergraduate study. Originally from the Sunshine Coast, Harry moved to the Gold Coast to study because of the greater opportunities on offer, particularly with the University Hospital, and was also drawn by the beautiful beaches. Harry studied Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology during senior school and has gone on to study more science subjects at university level. Harry is looking forward to the opportunity to share his knowledge of science as well as practical study tips he has picked up along the way. Through his love of science Harry hopes to motivate and encourage students, help them achieve their goals and be the best they can be. When Harry’s not studying you can usually find him playing or watching rugby union, surfing, listening to music or relaxing with friends.

Tiffany Hammans

SubjectsPrimary Maths; Year 7-10 Maths; Year 11-12 General Maths; Year 11-12 Advanced Maths; Year 11-12 Physics

Hi, my name is Tiffany and I am currently in my first year of studies at the University of Queensland. I am currently studying a dual Bachelor of Mathematics and Science (Physics), after graduating from Varsity College in 2016 with an OP 1. Tutoring has been a long-time love of mine, because it allows me to share my knowledge with other students and give them the confidence and ability to excel in their studies. After struggling with English in high school, I can see how important it is for students to be able to be given the push they need to improve their knowledge and understanding of a topic that may be difficult for them. I love finding fun, new and interesting ways to help the individual student learn because I understand that everyone is different and needs to learn in a way that is suitable for their learning style. I just love seeing the joy on students’ faces when they finally achieve their goals, and knowing that I helped create that smile feels so rewarding.

Tiffany Kelly

Subjects: All Primary Literacy and Numeracy, Year 7-10 English, Year 7-10 Maths and Drama. 

Hello, my name is Tiffany, and I’m currently completing my Psychology thesis at UNE with the goal of becoming a school counsellor. I have a Masters of Teaching (primary), and I am a former Primary Teacher. I have taught all years up to year seven but specialised in Drama. I have had lots of experience with special needs students and even know basic Auslan! I believe every student deserves the right to an exceptional education. I often use Garden’s multiple intelligences combined with Blooms Taxonomy to ensure students develop a well-rounded understanding and to encourage different learning styles. I believe no two students will learn the same way and strive to provide a personalised learning environment. I enjoy hands-on learning but also enjoy diving into the depths of comprehension and learning concepts. I believe learning can be fun as well as focused and that we shouldn’t be scared to make mistakes!

Liliana Gonzalez-Calero 

Subjects: All levels of Primary, All levels of Year 7-10 Subjects, Year 11-12 Standard English, Year 11-12 Advanced English, Year 11-12 Maths A & Maths B, Physics and Modern History 

Hi my name is Liliana Gonzalez-Calero, and I am currently in my 4th year studying a Bachelor of Primary Education at Griffith University. I am a very friendly and approachable individual and enjoy helping others. Tutoring gives me the opportunity to pass my knowledge down to others whilst also learning from them.  In my practicums I have taught at various schools, from independent public schools to private schools. I have a passion for education and helping students learn in ways that suit them best. My knowledge across a range of subject areas allows me to have the skills to make lessons engaging, informative and enjoyable. In high school I studied Maths B, English, Modern History, Physic, Japanese and Science 21, and I am more the equipped to tutor these subjects to students. Also, I  graduated from a Queensland High School, so I am familiar with the Queensland Core Skills test, and would be more than willing to tutor students seeking guidance and assistance. When I graduate from University I hope to teach out in a rural community, as I believe it would be a truly rewarding and life changing experience.

Jessie Curtis

Subjects: All levels of Mathematics, Business Studies and All levels of Primary Education 

Hi, I’m Jessie :-) I completed my Higher School Certificate at Mullumbimby High School in 2016, coming first in business studies and second in advanced mathematics. I’m currently studying at Griffith University (Gold Coast) and am still figuring out what direction I want to go in but am applying to study a Bachelor of Education specialising in maths (transferring from a Bachelor of Arts- Sociology). I have completed one year of uni studying two semesters of Business/Commerce and one of Sociology.

I have experience in helping out my younger cousins with their subjects in high school especially maths, and am keen to extend that experience. I know how much more enjoyable a subject is when you understand it and have confidence in yourself which I hope to bring to other students! I understand that everybody learns differently so I promise to approach every student with patience and optimism. I look forward to working with you!

Jasmine Stewart 

SubjectsPrimary Maths, Primary English, Primary Science, Year 7-10 English, Year 11-12 Standard English, Year 11-12 Advanced English, Year 11-12 General Maths, Year 11-12 Business Studies, Year 11-12 Economics & Year 11-12 Legal Studies

Hi! My name is Jasmine Stewart and I completed my schooling at Trinity Lutheran College. Currently, I am studying a double degree of Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor Business at Griffith University, Gold Coast campus. Throughout school I had large and demanding dance commitments, so I totally understand just how difficult it can be to juggle schooling with external commitments. But I also know that getting the results you want IS attainable with hard work and organisation. 

Melanie Lo 

Subjects: Primary Maths, Year 7-10 Maths, Year 11-12 General Maths, Year 11-12 Advanced Maths, Year 11-12 Chemistry & Year 11-12 Biology

Hello everyone, my name is Melanie and I’ve recently graduated from high school with an OP 2. Through my experience of tutoring, I have been able to improve students’ grades and positively influence their attitude towards certain subjects. I’ve always had a passion for teaching and would love to help students maximise their potential and achieve their goals.  I’m fluent in English and Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien). I also have extensive knowledge in maths (A & B), biology and chemistry. For me, knowledge is power. The world is changing, and it is changing fast.  Hence, we must work hard and continually build on our knowledge! Before each lesson commences, I would make a lesson plan for each student according to their needs as well as preparing quizzes and worksheets to make sure they truly understand the topic they’re learning.  I’m very eager to help students overcome the challenges they face.  It gives me a sense of enjoyment to help my students gain a sense of achievement through their development over the lessons!  

Matthew Hodgson

Subjects: All levels of English and Maths (Advanced), Senior Chemistry and Biology

Hi! My name is Matthew and I am 17 yrs old. I have just graduated from Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School in 2017 and am about to commence my first year of University at Griffith, studying a bachelor of Biomedical Science hoping to transfer into medicine someday. I completed the HSC with an ATAR of 92.90 studying Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, PDHPE and English (Advanced), receiving 90+ HSC marks in both Biology and English rewarding me Proxime Accessit of the School. The results I was awarded in my final year of schooling I was very proud of and delighted to receive after all the effort I knew I put in, yet I owed my beloved teachers so much for all the hard work and application they put into seeing me and those around me succeed. 

An aspect of my own learning that I want to implement into my tutoring, making school work more interesting, enjoyable and less stressful for other aspiring individuals.  Although it may seem unorthodox to some, I really enjoyed school and developed a strong passion and appreciation for each and every subject I did, growing to love learning new things each and every day. A perspective that I hope to transfer to other students as they confidently achieve their academic goals and excel in their chosen studies. I look forward to working with you!