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In 2015, we are excited to bring together our partnership with Kid's Academy in Hope Island. We will be providing our tutoring expertise to the community of Hope Island at the Kid's Academy Hope Island branch. We will be offering tutoring on a daily basis for students of Pre-School age and their older siblings in Primary or High School. 

Working with us at Hope Island provides you and your child with:
  • Small tutoring groups 
  • An IT workstation for 20 people
  • Use of Brand new facilities 
  • Hand chosen team of Early childhood specialists, University training teachers and Primary Educators
  • Regular Assessment and initial consultations 
If you haven't had the chance to see the facilities, follow the website here for more information: 

If you wish to discuss obtaining a position for tutoring in 2015, please contact us directly here on our Website. 

  • Specialised educators.
  • Small-group tutoring rooms.
  • An IT room with 20 workstation computers.
  • Superior facilities and state of the art design.