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High School is a major educational time in any student’s life. The amount of knowledge that is taught and learnt in the space of six years is astronomical. To take full advantage of this educational time and to use a private tutor can make the world of a difference. During our experience with High School Students, especially during their final year, using a student tutor in comparison with individual learning can be the difference between OP marks or most of all; university offers. At present we have a 93% success rate of our Year 12 students receiving their first ordered offer at the university of their choice when using a Student Tutor. The Student Tutor Network has had students receive offers into courses such as Engineering, Law, Environmental Sciences, Occupational Therapy, Teaching and the Sciences.

One major difference with The Student Tutor Network and other tutoring companies is the age of our tutors and the recent HSC experience of our tutors. We all have completed Year 12 within the last 3 years, completing the same syllabus as this current year. We know the recent tricks of the trade in what to do and what not to do. With all of our tutors in their late teens and early twenties, we have the ability to relate to the high school students and therefore, can empathise to any student we come across.

We offer tutoring in the following subjects:

   Year 7-10 Science

   Year 7-10 Mathematics

   Year 8-10 English

   Year 8-10 History and Geography

   Year 8-10 Technology

   Year 8-10 PDHPE

   Year 8-10 Religious Education

   Year 11-12 English (Life Skills, Standard, Advanced and Extension)

   Year 11-12 Mathematics (Life Skills, General Mathematics, Advanced and Extension)

   Year 11-12 Sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Earth and Environmental & Senior Science)

   Year 11-12 Studies of Religion

   Year 11-12 PDHPE & CAFS

   Year 11-12 Business Studies & Legal Studies

   Year 11-12 Modern, Ancient & Extension History

   Year 11 -12 Visual Arts, Design & Technology and Food Technology